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Precision Dentures

Get State-of-the-Art BPS Precision Dentures at DiNardo Denture Clinic In Hamilton

BPS quality dentures are the standard of esthetics, comfort fit and function. They are state of the art dentures for premium fit. The manner in which your denture is processed contributes greatly to how well it will fit and function. Conventional methods of processing dentures result in shrinkage of the acrylic. To you, the denture wearer, this means a denture that doesn't fit securely and gives you sore spots.

A BPS denture is processed using the SR-Ivocap system. This unique system uses continuous heat and injection pressure to produce dentures which are comfortable and functional.

A series of measurements, recordings and tracings of your jaw movements will be taken using various instrumentations. This information will be used to make a denture that is custom fit to your own mouth. Also taken into account are you facial features, such as eyes, lips and nose to properly position your teeth. This will create a natural appearance and beautiful smile. In addition to the landmarks in your mouth, your skeletal features will help to determine where the denture teeth should be positioned to provide you with the best fitting and functioning denture possible.

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